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With Where2fly users can find geographically sorted locations to fly drones near them. In addition, users can add their favorite locations to fly on the map and share them with the community.

When traveling to a location where you don't know where to fly, simply open the App and discover locations where local users fly. Once you've found a location, tap on it for more information and to get directions to that site. Easily check where you plan to fly with the No Fly Zone map powered by Airmap. To find optimal fly locations either look at the map for pins OR click the list icon to see the locations listed nearest you.

Disclaimer: All locations featured on this app are submitted by the community and may not comply with the FAA rules / regulations. Always check locations on the FAA's website before flying to ensure that you are complying with the latest rules, Always check with local authorities before flying. By using this app you are agreeing to take responsibility for your done and the responsibility's associated with it.


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