Let's keep this app running!

Written on 11/25/2017
AJ Torres

Hi Pilots!

I am writing today in an effort to ensure that the Where2fly app can remain alive and running for years to come, benefiting the drone community by making our airspace safer for all. I purchased my first drone over 3 years ago, it was so much fun but I had one problem, I had no idea where to fly it! So I set out to solve that problem. What I ended up with is this app. Because of the generosity of countless people we raised $2000 which funded the initial development and launch of the app. As that initial $2,000 reaches the end of its lifespan I'm looking for a way to cover the costs of ruining the app without running the user experience with ads. Because of this, I am launching a Patreon page to allow those who wish to support the project to contribute in a meaningful way. My goal is to reach a monthly contribution amount of $200 which will cover 100% of the operating costs of Where2fly. Whether you chose to contribute monetarily or not, I aim to keep Where2fly free and live for as long as possible and thank you for your continued support of the app through your use and feedback.

Click the link below to become a patron.

Become a Patron!

Thanks again for your support,

AJ Torres