DroneBase 'AirCraft' a fun, and creative way to fly your drone!

Written on 12/03/2017
AJ Torres

Hi pilots,

Today I’m excited to share a new, fun, and creative way to fly your drone. Have you ever thought of using your drone to fly in augmented reality? Well, Drone Base has. In fact, they just released a feature called “AirCraft” which allows you to do just that! In today’s blog post, Nick Osgood, Head of Operations at Drone Base, explains how it all works!

We recently launched our beta version of AirCraft in early November 2017 that allows drone pilots to create, place, and engage with augmented reality blocks and structures in the sky. Our team spent thousands of hours building out the technology to integrate into the DJI SDK. In its current form, this was built as a product that allows those who are more focused on the hobbyist and creative aspect of drone flying to engage in something new. As a drone pilot myself, I’ve flown the same few local parks dozens of times, taken pictures of my area, and then kind of run out of things to do. Our vision was to disrupt the inevitable “drone collecting dust” problem and turn the drone from a pure camera into a cursor in the sky.

Now with AirCraft, we have pilots building logos, courses, and other types of structures. This has given people who are looking to fly new activities for fun and even training purposes. If you place objects in the sky, other drone pilots using AirCraft will also be able to see and interact with those objects. Want to race each other around an augmented reality course? Use AirCraft.

We purposefully wanted to allow the pilots to define how they would use AirCraft before building heavy and complex features, and we have already received an incredible amount of feedback for updates in the future. We believe this type of technology is perfect for the Where2Fly community, as it can supplement and enhance what you all are currently doing.

In terms of the future, the underlying technology is what excites me the most. The ability to place any object in the sky can be used for both hobbyist and professional use cases. We can continue to build out new types of objects for pilots to place such as pre-built courses to race, and/or more enterprise use cases, such as placing map overlays for search and rescue, cell towers for training, or CAD models to place on a pre-construction site. We are currently talking to our pilots and customers to define these use cases and cannot wait to show you all more.

AirCraft is currently available for DJI drones with iOS devices in DroneBase Pilot App. Android will be available early 2018.

For more information, you can visit https://dronebase.com/ar

Nick Osgood

Head of Operations