Video of the day - featured pilot (@droningandmore)

Written on 03/18/2018
AJ Torres

Q. What is photo/video of the day?

As a community built around sharing safe and fun flying locations we wanted to add the ability to highlight the amazing aerial video and photography that our community creates! To do this we added a location on our app for users to submit their best photos and videos to be shared with the What2fly community through the blog. Will pick our favorites to share on a regular basis!

Today were featureing the Instagram page  @droningandmore / youtube channel (Droning around).

Check out more videos by this pilot on their youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-1oD6gJ4bImNGsHRjdXhZQ/videos

Want to be featured in our next photo/video of the day? Submit your best work under the "submit photo" tab!