Pilot Feature 7/23/2018

Written on 07/23/2018
AJ Torres

Hi pilots, hope your monday is treating you well! Today we have a roundup of some of our favorite shots of the week. Take a minute to get some inspiration from this beautiful aerial photography and take a break from your busy day:)

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Q. What is photo/video of the day?

A. As a community built around sharing safe and fun flying locations we wanted to add the ability to highlight the amazing aerial video and photography that our community creates! To do this we added a location on our app for users to submit their best photos and videos to be shared with the What2fly community through the blog. Will pick our favorites to share on a regular basis! 

You can access the submission form here: where2fly://#!section=22188052

Today's first image comes courtesy of @t.rads on instagram.

A note from the pilot: “The photo was taken at Newport Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with the DJI Mavic Air. I had originally planned to shoot some action shots of the surfers but the swell was small so there wasn’t much happening. I then saw this guy paddling out in between sets so I swung the drone around and snapped him as he paddled out to the line-up! I love how peaceful and carefree the shot feels as well as the contrast between the small paddle boarder and the vastness of the ocean.”

I'm personally a huge fan of this shot. I totally agree with the pilot, the juxtaposition of the paddle boarder and the wide open ocean is truly remarkable.

Next up we have a shot submitted by @find_louis on instagram. I think the winding path looks like something out of the Wizard Of Oz! What do you guys think?

The next image comes from @stalkbart on Instagram.

A note from the pilot: “I took this shot at a flower field where I used to come when I was little in Oenkerk at my grandparents place so there are some nice memories there. Now that the flowers have bloomed, and I got a drone (the DJI Phantom 3S) I thought why not shoot it with my drone. I hope you guys like the final result!”

I can definitely say that I love the shot and story behind it!


The final image for this monday roundup is an epic birds eye view courtesy of T-Square Media (@tsquaremedia on instagram). I love all the details of the road paint, and the pops of yellow form the traffic lights which together make the shot!