The Where2fly app is for sale

Written on 08/09/2019
AJ Torres



Dear Where2fly community,

I started Where2fly in 2016 as an effort to help the drone community share their favorite flying locations. Though it’s had its ups and downs the project as a whole has been a great success! The app has over 21,100 lifetime downloads to date and thousands of locations submitted from all around the world.

The community has grown beyond my wildest imaginations. The reason I am writing this blog post today is because as a college student, I no longer have the time and energy to dedicate towards running the app, website and community. You may have noticed a drop off in the frequency of app updates, blog posts and a huge backlog of locations which have not yet been reviewed and added to the app. This being said I don’t want to see this project come to an end so my priority is finding someone who would be able to take over the project. 


I know that under the right leadership and guidance the app can continue to grow as it once did when I was spending more time running it. Furthermore I believe Where2fly could start generating more revenue in a responsible way under direction of the right person. 

Rather than simply selling the app to the highest bidder or selling all the location data and shutting down the app I'm hoping to find somebody in the community who would like to take on this venture and help it grow. For this reason im flexible with the sales price of the app, with hopes it will continue to be run in a way that benefits the drone community. 

If nobody in the community is interested in taking over the project, Where2fly will be listed on an online public auction Friday the 16th of August.

If you're interested in purchasing Where2fly or know anyone who you think could be a good fit please reach out to me directly by email at aj@where2flyapp.com

I would like to close by thanking everybody in the community who has contributed to this project in any way whether you added a location, reported a bug, or simply enjoyed using the app, thank you for making a Where2fly such a huge success!