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1720 Deer Valley Rd

1720 Deer Valley Rd South Boulder

This address is where you can park and hike just 25yds away to launch from to fly to the top of the FlatIrons.  You must launch from outside the Flatiron preserve to be legal, and this is a good place to do that.  It's about a 1 mile flight and exactly 1640' to the top of the flatirons to capture rock climbers making it to the top.  Make sure you always stay within 400' of land (vertically or horizontally) to be legal,  This flight isn't for a beginner, it takes some experience.

Advanced flying location, best for aerial video. N.B. Obtain air traffic control permission before flight in controlled airspace (Class B,C,D, or portion of E designated for an airport). Always check with local authorities before flight.